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Salt Point Vape Shop

Salt Point is a chain of vape stores selling disposable e-cigarettes, vapes and vape liquids.

At Salt Point vape store you can buy disposable e-cigarettes of brands Salt Switch, Salt Switch Zero, KUBIK, KUBIK ZERO. Liquids for vaping DINNER LADY and SALT BREW CO. Starter kits UWELL CALIBURN AK2, ASPIRE R1, ASPIRE Minican Plus, Joyetech eGo. Nicotine pouches KLINT Blåklint SALT CBD.

Salt Point Vape Shop offers a wide range of products including different models of vaporizers, vaping liquids, and accessories for vaping. You can buy from us, as well as get advice on the use and safety of these products.

Today the chain has more than 25 stores in such cities as Riga (Latvia), Belgrade (Serbia), Lodz (Poland)


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