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How to extend the life of refillable SALT PLUS PODS and the SALT PLUS Starter Kit. How to care for your SALT PLUS device.

Photo SALT PLUS starter kit with pods

SALT POINT 5 life-hacks to make your cartridge last a long time.

At SALT POINT store, we understand how important it is to have a long and quality e-cigarette experience.

One of the key elements of an e-cigarette is the cartridge, which contains the vaporizing liquid.

In order for the cartridge to last longer and provide a rich flavor, we have prepared for you 5 life-hacks that will help you prolong its effective life.

Proper Filling: To maximize performance, it's important to fill your cartridge correctly. Do not exceed the recommended fill limit and avoid overfilling the liquid. This will help avoid leaks and ensure optimal fluid consistency.

Choosing a quality fluid: Use only high quality fluids that are suitable for your cartridge type. Do not skimp on quality as it directly affects the cartridge's longevity and flavor. We recommend using SALT BREW CO brand e-cigarette liquids.

Pause between puffs: In order for the cartridge to last longer, it is recommended that you take short breaks between puffs. Ideally, take a puff 5-7 seconds after the previous puff. This will ensure optimal cooling of the cartridge and protect it from overheating.

Storage in the right conditions: Cartridges should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid overheating and high humidity as this can adversely affect fluid quality and cartridge performance.

Proper Tightening: Maintain optimal tightening force to avoid overheating the cartridge. Do not over-tighten as this can cause the fluid to overheat and reduce cartridge life.

SALT PLUS device

To keep your SALT PLUS device working for a long time, from time to time remove the cartridge from the device and clean the contacts with a dry cloth. We recommend that you do this after every time you refill your SALT PLUS cartridge. We also recommend using a dry cloth to dry the contacts inside the device, to access these contacts simply pull out the SALT PLUS POD.

Batteries and Batteries

To ensure that the battery pack lasts as long as possible, a special external charger with a maximum power of 10w should be used for recharging. When charging, keep an eye on the charge indicators and do not overcharge the battery.


We also recommend reading the short instructions on how to start the SALT PLUS device for the first time

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Thomas Rösch
Thomas Rösch
20 באפר׳

Ein tolles Produkt. Leider kann man in Deutschland nirgendwo nachfüllbare Kartuschen kaufen. Ich würde lieber selbst befüllen, da ich einen geringeren Nikotingehalt bevorzuge.

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