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Surveyed our users to discover their favourite flavour - SALT CRISTALLITE

Feel the love!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we recently surveyed our users to discover their favourite flavour from our new line of disposable e-cigarettes - SALT CRISTALLITE.

The clear winner? Cranberry Cherry Ice!

But here's something fascinating: Did you know that according to the findings of Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Arnis Sauka's recent study "Latvia's Tobacco-Free Sector: Economic Impact, Grey Market Size, and Consumer Habits," 35% of respondents said that flavour plays an important role in their choice of tobacco-free products, and 28% said it was the deciding factor.

Pro Vape is a proud member of the Plxsur family, where innovation and responsibility seamlessly combine to elevate the vaping experience.

favourite flavour - SALT CRISTALLITE


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