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Recycling disposable e-cigarettes

Responsibility Above All

We are actively collecting and encouraging people to turn in their Salt Switch disposable e-cigarettes for recycling

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How to recycle disposable e-cigarettes?

Recycling disposable e-cigarettes is extremely important. All SALT POINT stores have recycling boxes where you can drop off your disposable e-cigarettes for recycling. 

Where do I take my disposable e-cigarettes for recycling?

Where to bring it: in 30+ SALT POINT brand stores all over Latvia. In supermarkets of "LIDL", "NARVESEN", "MAXIMA", RIMI chains. Gas stations "CIRCLE K", "VIADA", and other stores such as "TOP", "CITRO", "MEGO", "SKY", "ALKOUTLET". 

Where to give: just throw the device into one of the recycling boxes, such as on the photo.

How to Properly Dispose of & Recycle Disposable Vapes

Why is it so important to recycle or properly dispose of a disposable e-cigarette?

The design of disposable e-cigarettes includes several elements at once, which are harmful to the environment if disposed of improperly. A standard disposable electronic cigarette consists of:

  • a plastic casing,

  • a plastic mouthpiece - this is the part of the e-cigarette that you take into your mouth,

  • a lithium-ion battery,

  • copper wires,

  • absorbent cotton or other hygroscopic material soaked in flavored liquid,

  • LED indicator (not all devices), which signals the end of liquid/charge or is illuminated at the moment of puffing.

The biggest environmental threat from the above is battery and plastic.

Considering that the average use of disposables is 1-3 days per month each user leaves behind 10 to 30 batteries and plastic cases. 

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