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We are actively collecting and encouraging people to turn in their Salt Switch disposable e-cigarettes for recycling



Every year, 360 tonnes or 16 sea containers of unrecycled e-cigarettes end up in the Latvian environment. The Wingo machine, developed by WinGo Deposit, is a long-awaited solution to the problem of recycling e-cigarettes.



contaminates up to 20 square meters of soil. This is the area of a standard studio apartment.

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winGo smartbox e-cigarettes recycling

Smart containers for used e-cigarettes

About the Project

Salt Point collaboration with WinGo, so we are sure that with help of WinGo all waste are collected, recycled and goes into repeated circulation if possible. 

Why it's important

Improper disposal of multi-component waste is dangerous for the environment, people and animals

up to 500 years

takes biodegradation of plastic

20 м2

of soil contaminated by an unrecycled battery

400 liters of water

poisons the battery electrolyte

Points exchanged for coffee; lithium goes to Ukraine

For every e-cigarette they drop in the machine, a person receives bonus points. One can then exchange the points for coffee at Narvesen convenience stores or an OX Drive voucher for free Tesla car rides. Carguru offers a similar deal. Menjoks reveals that Wolt and Lulu Pizza will join as partners in January, so people will be able to redeem their points for food.

Wingo will donate the lithium recovered from the e-cigarettes deposited in Latvia to the Ukrainian army for the production of power banks. They will help Ukrainian soldiers in active combat zones to charge their communication devices.

wingo app e-cigarettes recycling
winGo AppStore
google play market app winGo

When you sort e-cigarettes by throwing them into a collection machine, you earn digital points that can be redeemed for a rental car, free pizza or a coffee drink.

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