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Starter Kit INNOKIN Klypse Gold

Starter Kit INNOKIN Klypse Gold

The Innokin Klypse Pod Kit is a medium-sized POD system with a powerful battery that runs on constant power and is designed to use interchangeable cartridges with built-in vaporizers on the grid. The design of the new device deserves special attention - a neat stylish stick that looks more like an expensive branded lighter or an exclusive flash drive than a POD-system. At the same time the device is very easy to use, activated by puffing, and does not require maintenance using removable cartridges with built-in vaporizers, and vaporizers on the grid, so a great taste is guaranteed. You can buy Innokin Klypse Pod Kit in six original colors


    Starter Kit Innokin Klypse you can buy in our vape shop Salt Point.

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  • You will not be able to buy this product online.

    According to Section 8(2) of the Latvian Law on the Circulation of Tobacco Products, Herbal Smoking Products, Electronic Smoking Devices and Their Liquids, it is prohibited to sell e-cigarettes in an online shop.

    You will not be able to buy this product online (amendments to the Anti-Smoking Act of 8 September 2016) - see the (Shop network) tab to find your nearest fixed sales outlet and find out about the availability of the product.

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