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Starter Kit ASPIRE R1 Aqua Blue

Starter Kit ASPIRE R1 Aqua Blue

Aspire R1 is a compact disposable POD system equipped with a built-in battery of medium capacity, made with a non-removable cartridge, which is designed for charging liquids on both salt and organic nicotine. The new device looks pretty simple a usual POD-system without much decor, made of two types of plastic, with a small round mouthpiece. The device does not have the ability to change the power and blowing, but unlike most disposable POD-systems, it can be charged. The cartridge is not removable, with a built-in vaporizer on the mesh with 0.8 ohm resistance, with the possibility of self-filling. The Aspire R1 is available in five colors: black, white, orange, blue and purple.

  • You will not be able to buy this product online.

    According to Section 8 paragraph 2 of the Latvian Law on the Circulation of Tobacco Products, Herbal Smoking Products, Electronic Smoking Devices and Their Liquids, it is prohibited to sell e-cigarettes in an online shop.

    You will not be able to buy this product online (amendments to the Anti-Smoking Act of 8 September 2016) - see the (Shop network) tab to find your nearest fixed sales outlet and find out about the availability of the product.

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