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What type of nicotine is in SALT SWITCH and what is benzoic acid?

As you already know, SALT SWITCH uses only high quality salt nicotine.

But what is behind this concept? How does salt liquid differ from regular nicotine and what are its advantages? Let's figure it out.

SALT nicotine can be found under a variety of names. It is also called nicotine salts or nicotine saltbase. And although this substance has been known for a long time, in many countries it gained popularity only a few years ago.

The main advantage of nicotine salts is that they have the acidity level (pH) closest to that of the human body. Therefore, salt nicotine is not only absorbed faster, but also more quickly satisfies nicotine hunger.

Saltbase nicotine is made from the nicotine we are used to. However, it lasts longer in the human body. SALT SWITCH nicotine undergoes additional purification, does not contain any flavors and allows you to fully enjoy the entire gamut of taste sensations.

Also in the composition of SALT SWITCH is benzoic acid. What it is? Benzoic acid is a component of nicotine salts. When combined with nicotine, it helps to provide a sensation similar to those experienced when smoking regular cigarettes. In a word, salt nicotine cannot exist without benzoic acid.


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