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Starter Kit UWELL POPREEL P1 Macaron Blue

Starter Kit UWELL POPREEL P1 Macaron Blue

Popreel P1 has a very light weight of only 30 g, the body is made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, and the device itself has a tactilely pleasant surface. The cartridge is made of PCTG (heat-resistant food grade plastic).


Activation: the device is automatically activated when you draw, there are no buttons.


Battery and charging: the battery has a capacity of 400 mAh, there is a USB Type-C port at the bottom of the pod - it is much more convenient than micro USB, you don't need to waste time looking for the "right side", which usually works out the second time, and there is less chance of accidentally breaking the charging port. The charging current of Popreel P1 is 1 Ampere, and it takes about half an hour to fully charge from scratch.

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